Extension Master Class

LEARN 7 Methods


The Keratip® (fusion) Method: pre-tipped with keratin, Super Keratip®, is fused onto the hair using the Purging Tool. All you need to do is position each tip under the client's hair and melt the glue with the Purging Tool's temperature set between 180-200°c.


Flashpoint/Extentube Method: pre-tipped hair is applied by clamping tubes using our specialized tools. No need for glue, heat or tape. Simply slide the tips into a tube along with your client's hair and clamp securely.


We are proud to introduce the newest innovation in hair extensions. Microtip® micro-extensions are the smallest, most natural-looking hair extensions on the market. Microtip® micro-extensions are especially perfect for areas on the head with thinning hair. The application is so small that it mimics a hair transplant without any surgical procedure. Microtip® micro-extensions can be applied to all types of hair and to both men and women.


The Skinweft (tape-in) is made from a very thin, flat, seamless polyurethane strip that is applied to hair using tape. The result is a completely seamless application with no bumps. You can wear your hair up or down. Ideal for the person with thinning hair, for adding length and volume and for simply adding highlights without chemicals.


The One-Step Method: is the easiest way to do Weft extensions. Copper tubes are pre-attached to each piece, allowing you to do hair extensions in a fraction of the time. With the One-Step method, your work becomes less tedious and more efficient!


Plastic Tube Method: tips are applied with plastic tubes using a heating iron (plastic tubes are also known as shrink tubes and/or shrinkies)


These clip-in extensions are so fast and easy you can attach them yourself in your own home. Easy rubber gripped toupee clips hold the hair extension firmly in place and can be taken in or out in minutes. Thin hair becomes thick and full. Short hair becomes long and glamorous!